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Open Community Media Room 

We believe that understanding of culture helps to understand a person and understanding of a person is a powerful tool of addressing and solving social problems. 

 The Open Community Media Room project was started in 2004 and is running on volunteer base. 

Our goal:
• To provide information services, i.e. video, audio, print materials for communities needs;
• To dedicate ourselves to the efficient information support of cultural and art activities of communities;
• To develop different media for dissemination of information on communities events. 

Our Objectives:
• To assist Canadian communities in publishing information of their social and cultural programs;
• To help authors in realization of their creative initiatives;
• To assist in newcomers’ adaptation, by providing them basic information about all aspects of Canadian life and culture.

We gather and analyze information on all aspects of Canadian everyday life, which could help newcomers, as well as residents, to get their point of view on issues they never dealt before.
We aim at helping new members of Canadian society in expanding their abilities and talents; meet their cultural needs, and access information and education essential for success in their new environment.

Our future objective is to maintain Media Room with services of restoration audio/video/photo materials and services for do-it-yourself saloon, where artists and authors could realize their creative potential. 

The Open Community Media Room provides multi-lingual support of processed materials, documents all community events in the database.


open community media room


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