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Theatre Project 2009: results

As a result of cooperation between Russian House and  Teatralnaya Laboratoriya Vadima Maksimova (St.Petersburg, Russia), two shows have been performed in Toronto and one show at the International Theatre Festival Doubledefi in Mont-Laurier (QC).

The show of Teatralnaya Laboratoriya "Voluspa" after Nordic epic was performed in Toronto an August 29th.

"Voluspa" is a play produced in the original performing technique, developed by Teatralnaya Laboratoriya during last ten years. This performing technique is based on the Antonin Artaud's Theatre of Cruelty (Théâtre de la Cruauté). This is a peculiar way of actor's work on stage, when an actor communicates with audience on an energy level instead of a psychological one.

The "Voluspa" is generally a monoplay of Oxana Svoyskaya - actress of Teatralnaya Laboratoriya, but the second actor of the theatre (Pavel Lugovskoy) has assisted the stage work by acting the wordless characters. 

"A Hunt for a Sweet Little Deer" was performed on September 6 and 7. 

 hunt for a sweet little deer

That was a play produced during two weeks in Toronto, featuring Canadian Russia-speaking actors. This performance was an experiment of an integration of contemporary and a classical theatre, dance and country music, in a very short time.

On September 11th, the "Voluspa" has been performad twice on the international theatre festival Doubledefi in Mont-Laurier, QC. 

There was 23 theatres from about 20 countries participating in the festival this year. All performances were very different and interesting.  

oxana svoyskaya grand prix doubledefi 

Oxana became a grad prix as a best  actress of the festival!

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