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Russian Experimental Theatre in Canada Again!

We are glad to announce that the Russian experimental theatre "Teatralnaya Laboratoriya" will be visiting Canada again this year! The Teatralnaya Laboratoriya will present two of their recent shows in Toronto, Montreal, Mont-Laurier and possibly Ottawa in September 2011.

The project is organized by the Contemporary and Experimental Art Projects Association, together with the Russian House in Toronto and The Art Union of North America in Montreal. Please stay tuned! 

Театральная Лаборатория Вадима Максимова снова в Канаде!

Мы рады сообщить, что Театральная Лаборатория представит два своих спектаклья в Торонто, Монреале, Мон-Лорье и аозвожно в Оттаве в сентября текущего года.

Над организацией гастролей театра в Канаде работает "Contemporary and Experimental Art Projects Association", при содействии Русского Дома в Торонто и "The Art Union of North America" в Монреале.

Следите за новостями! 

Sept 10. - Show in Montreal: "Voluspa" after Norse epic (Studio303)
Sept 11. - Show in Montreal: "Roi Ubu" after Alfred Jarry (Studio303)
Sept 13. - Show in Mont-Laurier: "Roi Ubu" after Alfred Jarry (Double Defi
Sept 17. - Show in Toronto: "Voluspa" after Norse epic (Lower Ossington Theatre)
Sept 18. - Show in Toronto: "Roi Ubu" after Alfred Jarry (Lower Ossington Theatre)

Additionally we plan to give a workshop in UofT (and possibly in University of Ottawa) and Vadim Maksimov will give a lecture about Russian Theatre (the subject is currently under discussion).

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