The Russian Experimental Theatre “Teatralnaya Laboratoriya” next two weeks exclusively in Canada!

The Contemporary and Experimental Art Projects Association is bringing the Russian theatre “Teatralnaya Laboratoriya” to Canada with their two shows, which will be performed on International Theatre Festival in Mont-Laurier (QC) and in Toronto (September 17th and 18th)! 

The Teatralnaya Laboratoriya Vadima Maksimova was found in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 1984. The object of the Teatralnaya Laboratoriya’s activity is experimental research in the dramatic field: in particular, European Symbolism, Russian Futurism, Oriental synthetic theater, Antonin Artaud’s Theater of Cruelty. Since 1996 the Theater Laboratory has directly pursued and sought to develop Artaud’s dramatic theory.
The Teatralnaya Laboratoriya’s actors undergo a specialized training which has been developed over the past 10 years. The training includes the Oriental practice of psychological self-regulation. This is based on Artaud’s idea of the human body’s “energy centers.”
The main principle of the Teatralnaya Laboratoriya’s performances is a rhythmic and psychoenergetic act of organization, an integration of voice, gesture and word into a unified impulse, which has a profound affect on the audience’s perceptions.
Some more information about the theatre in English can be found here:
There are two shows will be presented for Canadian audience: “Voluspa” after Nordic epos and “Ubu Roi” (King Ubu) by French play-writer Alfred Jarry.

Both shows will be presented on the stage of the Lower Ossington Theatre: 100A Ossington Ave, Toronto, (416) 915-6747 #222 Tickets can be bought on


Date: Saturday - September 17, 2011 - 07:00 PM
Location: Lower Ossington Theatre - Toronto - Main Theatre (GA)
Doors Open 06:30 PM
Starring: Oxana Svoyskaya, Pavel Lugovskoy

Voluspa is the Teatralnaya Laboratoriya’s show based on Norse epic poems. It is based on the well known song of Older Edda – “Voluspa”. The Gods, with Odin at their head, turn to the prophet Voluspa asking her to interpret the Balder’s sinister dreams. She foretells the murder of Odin’s son Balder and the inevitable fall of the Gods. The combination of plastic movements, installation and sound is used to provide an atmosphere of evocative ancient poetic expression. Puppets are also used in the performance. The performance was first played in November 2006, and it obtained the first prize on the festival «Christmas parade 2006», Russia 2006, and the first prize for the best actress of the festival “Double Defi”, Canada 2009. The performance will be in Russian, though the repeatable epic text is not of major importance in the show.
The English synopsis will be provided in advance.


Ubu Roi

Date: Sunday - September 18, 2011 - 06:00 PM
Location: Lower Ossington Theatre - Toronto - Main Theatre (GA)
Doors Open 05:30 PM
Starring: Oxana Svoyskaya, Pavel Lugovskoy

The Ubu Roi (Ubu King) is Teatralnaya Laboratoriya’s performance of same named scenario of French play-writer Alfred Jarry. There are a lot of costumes and masks changes in the show while both actors of the performance are playing number of different characters. The real food in hands of patter and mummy Ubu turns into personages like king, soldiers or people, performing military marches, political conspiracy, violence, etc. The political pathos of the dictator is showed as a farce of kitchen squabbles. The story of the patter Ubu who became the King of Poland is shown as an amusement of patter and mummy, who just prepare and eat up the food. The performance was first played in 2010. The new release, which will be presented for Canadian public this year, is a specially made multi-lingual show with an integration of Russian, French and English. The great help in multi-language integration was received from Canadian actress Marie-Josee Lefebvre.
The English synopsis will be provided in advance.


Everybody is welcome to enjoy the shows!

Best regards,
Anton Vetrov
Contemporary and Experimental Art Projects Association
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