Children of Beslan
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Saturday, 05 February 2005

February 5, 2005

Children of Beslan

 The Russian-speaking Congress of Canada is happy to announce that on Wednesday February 9th, sixteen students who were taken hostage by terrorists in the gymnasium of their school in the city of Beslan, would arrive to Canada for a two-week relaxation and psychological recuperation period. 

On September 1, 2004 a horrific terrorist act without precedence shook the city of Beslan. The victims of this atrocity were innocent children and adolescents. It was an attack on those we hold dearest - on helpless kids, many of whom did not survive the ordeal. The anguish of those who lost their loved ones and of those who survived the horror of that terrible day is humanity's anguish. That is why millions of people did not remain neutral in its wake.
The “RUSSIAN HOUSE” Community Centre was undertaking a charitable action for the victim children of Beslan. The nature of the effort was a two-week relaxation and psychological rehabilitation program for a group of 17 children, ages twelve to sixteen, in Toronto, Canada


Children Of Beslan in Ottawa


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